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We are a women's side who perform clog and garland dances from (mainly) the north west of England. We wear brightly coloured dresses, with beads, waistcoats, bloomers and of course clogs. The jingle sticks used are actual bobbins from Cromford Mill, with the addition of bells and ribbons.


We have visited Chesterfield's twin towns in France and Germany plus the Netherlands, Italy, America (at the Seattle Folk Festival) and most notably in 1997 when we performed in Yangquan our Chinese twin town. To celebrate the Millennium in 2000 we visited Namibia and danced in our twin town of Tsumeb.


In 2008 we danced in Prague at their International Folklore Festival with other teams from all over Europe and in 2011 we danced at the Valldansa festival in Catalonia.


We dance at well-dressings, carnivals, festivals, fetes, outside pubs, at residential homes and at stately homes.


We regularly dance with other teams and as members of the Morris federation we are invited to events all over the country.

dancing in Catalonia

Catalonia 2011


We have strong links with Cock and Magpie, our local morris side. Together the two sides are known as "Chesterfield Dance Teams".


The dances still have a place in the twenty first century - they are easy to learn and are a great way to keep fit and make friends. At the end of a hard day at work there is nothing that lifts the spirits more than music and movement.

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